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Lock, Manage, Store and Create albums for your private images.

Select photos from your gallery and store them within sock. Your images will be securly locked by a 5 digit passcode, fingerprint and/or face-ID. Albums can be created, edited and deleted where you will be able to store your image collections.

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Makes managing your education a breeze

Duxelo merges systems that are already used by your school, new functionalities from our assortment and custom made features into one mobile application.

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Revolutionizes the way you experience restaurants

Imagine sitting in a restaurant and not having to wait to order. And when you want to leave you can just leave, without having to wait for the receipt.

With Taplicious this becomes reality. In restaurants that support it you can place orders and pay through the app (even after you've left). This may seem small but next to improving the customer's experience it opens up a whole new world of data collection possibilities to restaurants.

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Promote your school online. A free website for your courses and lessons made within 5 minutes.

Myndoo helps people who teach all kind of courses by giving them a platform on which they can promote their school, have their students book lessons, buy subscriptions and more.

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A young and dynamic Amsterdam based tech startup that creates and invests in innovative tech products.

We create by using the newest and most innovative technologies and deeply researching our target groups.

These target groups are people whom's interest match our own. This because we want to be able to understand our users in the best way possible.

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